mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Albert Capellani - Pioneer of the Silent Screen (IV)

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Catmommie wrote on Jan 4, 2016:

Christine Leteux’s biography of French film pioneer Albert Capellani is a welcome addition to the film history bookshelves. Biographical information on early film innovators is not thick on the ground and what is available is often suspect. The author has done a remarkable job of researching the available details and weaving them into a coherent whole—she has also done a remarkable job of not reading more into her material than is there, which can be even more difficult. (I would love to know how Capellani went from being an accountant one month to being a film director one month later, but that is probably something we’ll never know.) The book has a complete filmography; it’s no surprise that most of Capellani’s films are lost, but some are, thankfully, available. For those interested in early film history this book is highly recommended.

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