mardi 6 février 2007

The Prisoner of Zenda 1937 (I)

(Le Prisonnier de Zenda)
Un film de John Cromwell
Rudolf Rassendyll (Ronald Colman) est en vacances en Ruritanie. Il y rencontre, par hasard, sur son cousin, le roi Rudolf V (Ronald Colman) dont il est le sosie parfait. Celui-ci étant incapable de se rendre à son couronnement suite à l'absorption de vin drogué, Rassendyll doit le remplacer. Après la cérémonie, il fait la connaissance de la Princesse Flavia (Madeleine Carroll) qui semble bien peu apprécier son futur époux...

Rassendyll: Well, I think it went off all very well, don't you?

Rassendyll: For a coronation. Of course, I mean...

Rassendyll: that is a coronation should go well if the king puts in an appearance properly dressed and knows its part.

Flavia: And sober.

Rassendyll: That was a nasty one…

Rassendyll: By the way, among my failings, I rather neglected you, didn't I?

Flavia: Two picture postcards in three years, I think.

Rassendyll: And all the time, you've been changing into the loviest Princess in Europe, no, the loviest girl in Europe.

Flavia: Your dynastic obligations to the Princess Royal don't include making pretty speeches to her in private.

Rassendyll: You call this private?

Flavia: You really behaved and looked like a king today.

Rassendyll: Thank you!

Flavia: Something, I must confess, few of us expected of you.

Flavia: Haven't you forgotten something?

Rassendyll: What?

Rassendyll: Oh!

Flavia: That's better.

Rassendyll: Look, I have an idea.

Rassendyll: Supposing you bow on my side of this goldfish bowl and I salute on yours.

Rassendyll: Like that.

Rassendyll: Isn't that more cosy?

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