dimanche 24 décembre 2006

Condemned! (2ème Partie)

Voici une scène complète du film qui dure 5 min. Michel sert le petit déjeuner aux Vidal. Cette scène est particulièrement représentative du film pour la qualité de son montage: notez le nombre de plans qui est très élevé pour un film de 1929. On évite totalement le piège du théâtre filmé qui abuse des longs plans-séquences. Il y aussi une grande habilité à suggérer les rapports entre les personnages sans forcément les énoncer en toutes lettres. Les acteurs avaient parfois tendance à cette époque du début du parlant, à se concentrer uniquement sur le dialogue, en oubliant l'importance des reaction shots. Condemned a de ce point de vue plusieurs années d'avance sur son temps : observez les regards échangés entre Colman et Harding.

Vidal: Ha! Ha!There you are! You see, you see…our home…our home, my Love, is like any man can be proud of!

Mme Vidal: Yes, Jean. You're spilling your coffee on your shirt!

Vidal: Hmm! So I am. I wonder how I did that…

Michel: I think it must have been dripping from your bread, Sir!

Vidal: Perhaps, you're right! perhaps, you're right…

Michel: I'm sure I'm right

Michel: Allow me, Sir!

Vidal: Pass me the sugar, my Dear.

Vidal: Hmm... What did I say?

Mme Vidal: You said how pleased you are with your homely state!

Vidal: Ah yes! So I am…And whom should I thank for that?

Mme Vidal: Michel?
Vidal: Oh! Now, you're putting me off again!

Mme Vidal: You ask the same question every morning since Michel came into the house.

Vidal: Well, I see no harm in that! I wake up every morning, get out of bed, dress myself, shave, drink my coffee every morning. Why shouldn't I ask the same question every morning? A man in my position has the privilege to repeat himself. All men repeat… repeat themselves to their wives.

Mme Vidal: You found Michel, Jean. You persuaded your stupid Alsatian wife to take him in. I thank you, Jean! Will that do, until tomorrow morning?

Vidal: I'm not sure you are as respectful as you should be!

Vidal: However I prefer to ignore that.

Vidal: Michel! Michel, I say! Michel!!

Vidal: Fetch me my helmet and umbrella!

Michel: Yes, Sir!
Vidal: Hu! Hu! You're a good boy, Michel! Quite a remarquable type of criminal!

Michel: Quite remarquable, Sir!
Vidal: What a judge of character I am!
Michel: Oh! What judge, Sir!

Vidal: Well! I'm off! Good Bye!

Vidal: Is that any way for a wife to kiss her husband?

Mme Vidal: I'm sorry Jean, I didn't mean…

Vidal: There, there, that's better! Not such bad wife, either!

Vidal: Stupid, of course, not up to my level…

Vidal: but dependable… dependable!

Vidal: Well, I'm off!

Vidal: No one can say that I don't deserve my blessings. That is no one who knows me.

Orderly: Hu!
Vidal: Oh yes! I forgot. Well, I'm off! La dih dah!...

Mme Vidal: Oh There's a market down Michel!
Michel: Yes I heard it, Madame.

Mme Vidal: Fetch the basket, I'll finish the table.
Michel: I've just done it, Madame.

Mme Vidal: Let me have those things.That's a a woman's work, not a man!

Michel: Whatever it is, Madame, it's my work. Anyway I'm not a man, I'm a convict. Your husband made that very clear just now.

Mme Vidal: Oh! My husband doesn't mean it, he just doesn't think!

Michel: Did you notice that too, Madame?

Mme Vidal: Michel!
Michel: Forgive, me! Madame, may I say something?

Mme Vidal: If you're sure, you'd better!

Michel: It's only that your kindness makes me forget I'm a convict. You make me wonder how I could ever have been a thief.

Michel: In the morning, when we come alight from the prison, I meet you coming from early mass with your rosary and book. You make me forget this place is a prison.

Michel: You make it seem like any village at home in France, with all the women coming from early mass, in the streets, sweet with the smell of hay.

Michel: That's what I had to say, Madame!

Mme Vidal: You make me very happy telling me that Michel! And I am not afraid of you any more.

Michel: I'm glad of that, Madame.

Mme Vidal: I'm not the least bit afraid of you!

Michel: Madame, you almost make prison a pleasure!

Mme Vidal: We… we mustn't be late for the market, Michel.

Michel: No, Madame, I'll get the basket.

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